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Stockholm International Hearing Center

Hearings are an important part of any arbitral proceeding. Though parties may agree to decide their dispute on documents only, the majority of cases administered under the SCC Rules include hearings conducted in person. The participation of witnesses and experts by videolink/conference is also possible subject to permission of the arbitral tribunal. Depending on the complexity of the case, hearings may vary in length, from one day to a week, or even longer.

Stockholm, as an international hub for both business and arbitration, has a variety of meeting and hearing centres that can fit the individual needs of the parties. For parties looking for the full service in relation to their hearings, the SCC recommends the Stockholm International Hearing Centre (SIHC)

  • The SIHC provides a full service hearing centre, specifically geared towards arbitration hearings. 
  • The SIHC has three unique locations in central Stockholm. Each centre has hearing rooms of varying size depending on the requirements of the hearing. 
  • Furthermore, the SIHC provides catering, audio-visual equipment and hotel packages to suit the needs of the parties. 
  • The SIHC also provides the parties with their own project manager who is in charge of organising the relevant logistics for the hearing, as well as finding the right “fit” for each party’s needs. 

Alternatively, conference facilities, such as Näringslivets Hus and many hotels in Stockholm have dedicated meeting rooms that can be used for arbitration hearings. Furthermore, it is not uncommon to organise hearings at a law firm in Stockholm, which can significantly reduce the costs in relation to the proceedings.