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The scent of world class arbitration

How do you re-launch one of the best arbitration institutes in the world?

By developing a perfume using AI-technology that transforms the core of the brand into a scent 
– the scent of world class arbitration. Simple as that!

The re-launch of the SCC Arbitration Institute is not only a global launch of a great brand, it is also us taking responsibility for the future. Us making sure that the institute continues to be in the global fore front in its industry. 

From that perspective you could argue that it is business as usual since we were founded in 1917.

And what about the scent of SCCENT? We can assure you it is great. And of course it is unisex.


The components of the scent

AMBERY 35% · Timeless elegance    
Amber is one of the most classical accords in  perfumery, reflecting our ability to be contemporary,  yet proud of our long lasting history since 1917.  

WOODY 32% · Reliable   
Woody notes are rooted to the ground,  representing our reliability. It is also responsible  for the longevity of the fragrance - the signature of the scent will last for days.  

SPICY 22% · Progressive & curious    
Spices such as Cardamom, Pink Pepper and  Black Pepper bring a vibrant hook to the fragrance.  These top notes reflects our innovative side that  keeps us ahead of our competitors.  

Floral, Green & Musk.


Curious about SCCENT?

we adapt. we drive change.

A better process – a better solution