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Meet Madeleine Thörn – new SCC Deputy Secretary General and Head of Operations

On 8 May, Madeleine Thörn assumed the position as Deputy Secretary General and operational manager at the SCC. With her passion for and expertise in commercial arbitration, Madeleine will add value and experience to the operational team at SCC. 

Published 2023-05-15

Porträtt av Madeleine Thörn

Welcome Madeleine! Can you tell us a little bit about your professional background and engagement in the field of arbitration?
– Thank you very much! I started my career in the Swedish courts and, after some years as law clerk at the Solna District Court and as drafting law clerk at the Swedish Supreme Court, my passion for commercial disputes led me to take on the role as counsel representing clients in commercial litigation and arbitration. Since then, I have worked at a local boutique firm specialised in arbitration and litigation, and in the Commercial Litigation and Arbitration team at an international law firm in Stockholm for several years. I have particularly enjoyed being active in the arbitration community and have served as member of the Advisory Board of YAS (Young Arbitrators Sweden) for two years.”  

What made you want to work for the SCC?
– The SCC is known worldwide to be innovative and to provide diverse solutions for efficient dispute resolution. It is exciting and at the same time humbling to get the chance to join an organisation which has improved arbitration processes globally over the past hundred years. One example is that the SCC was the first institute to introduce expedited arbitration rules. I wanted to work for the SCC to continue this journey of constantly being at the forefront of development in the arbitration community.”

You will also act in the role of Head the operations. Is there something you look forward to most taking on? 
– Yes, heading the excellent case management team here at the SCC and working together to provide even better services to our users. In my view, it takes a combination of legal and commercial considerations – and an entrepreneurial mindset – to keep improving dispute resolution services; both in terms of time and cost efficiencies. Working strategically as a team and adapting to future challenges, I look forward to introducing SCC’s services to many new companies and markets.”

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