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Nicolas Martinez's Journey and Vision at the SCC

The newest addition to the SCC team, Nicolas Martinez, has made a significant impact in the world of arbitration, both nationally and internationally, as the former Project Manager of the Stockholm International Hearing Center. Learn more about his journey, goals, and vision for enhancing the SCC's mission.

Published 2023-09-14

Nicolas Martinez
Nicolas Martinez, Case Administrator Division III

You have become well-known in both the Swedish and international arbitration communities through your role as the Project Manager at the Stockholm International Hearing Center. Your journey at the SCC began in August when you joined as an administrator. What drew you to the SCC?
- I have shared a common interest with the SCC in serving the arbitration community for several years and have long had my sights set on this institution. My previous perspective primarily involved catering to top-tier hearing spaces, implementing technological solutions, and managing logistics for arbitration hearings, whether in-person, remote, or anywhere in between. I am now eagerly anticipating the opportunity to work with arbitrations from a different vantage point, overseeing them from inception to conclusion and becoming an integral part of the stellar SCC team.

How do you envision making a difference at the SCC?
- Working at the SCC allows me to expand my knowledge of how the arbitration process is conducted. The SCC is already one of the world's premier arbitration institutes, making it challenging to improve case administration further at this time. However, I am enthusiastic about using my expertise to enhance the SCC's Hearing Facilities.

Can you describe the atmosphere at the SCC?
- The SCC fosters a truly warm and welcoming environment, comprising individuals with diverse backgrounds and responsibilities that harmonize beautifully. I am delighted to be part of this team!

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