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Ad Hoc Platform

The Ad Hoc Platform is a digital, cyber secure, and neutral platform to administrate ad hoc arbitrations or arbitrations administered by other arbitration institutes than the SCC.

The Ad Hoc Platform is a digital platform that provides participants with a secure and efficient way of communicating and sharing case materials in ad hoc arbitrations and arbitrations administered by other arbitration institutes. All documents in an arbitration, such as submissions, procedural orders, and exhibits can be shared in the Ad Hoc Platform.  

The Ad Hoc Platform ensures that participants in the arbitration receive communication at the same time. It eases the administration of the arbitration by having a calendar for relevant dates and deadlines as well as a notice board for the arbitral tribunal to communicate practical information to the parties. All documentation is saved in different clearly marked folders. There is also the possibility to archive the documents after the arbitration has been concluded.  

By having all communication and documentation on the Ad Hoc Platform, the administration of the arbitration is more efficient. The Ad Hoc Platform is also cyber secure and leaves minimal ecological footprint. Less time is spent on coordination and more time can be spent on resolving the dispute.  

The Ad Hoc Platform is a stand-alone service and does not entail any administration by the SCC. An arbitration using the Ad Hoc Platform will not be governed by the SCC Arbitration Rules. 

The SCC Secretariat will assist in setting up a site on the Ad Hoc Platform and administer user rights. Only participants to the arbitration will have access to the site and the documentation on it. The SCC Secretariat will not access the site or its content unless instructed to do so by the participants to the arbitration. Just as with any SCC arbitration, all information on the Ad Hoc Platform will be kept in strict confidentiality. 

Fee, terms and conditions

The SCC fee for the Ad Hoc Platform:

  • The fee is EUR 3 500 + VAT and is paid when signing up for the service.
  • The fee includes up to 5 GB of data and 15 users for one year.
  • Thereafter, the parties have the right to extend the agreement with one year at a time for EUR 1 000 + VAT / year.


Arbitrators to ad hoc arbitrations who wish to use the Ad Hoc Platform are welcome to reach out to the SCC via Upon agreement between the SCC and the sole arbitrator/chairperson, the SCC will set up an individual site at the Ad Hoc Platform. Only participants in the specific ad hoc arbitration will be provided access to the site. The parties and the arbitrator(s) will be responsible for populating the site with relevant material and information. The site will remain open until one year after the termination of the arbitration unless otherwise agreed with the SCC.

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