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Virtual hearings

A list of tips from SCC arbitrators on how to conduct a successful hearing online.

Be well prepared and very organized. Read the many guides available on virtual hearings. Use an external service offered by a specialised vendor for very large or technologically complicated hearings (e.g. involving simultaneous translation).  

Preparation and guidance

  • Carefully consider how to conduct the hearing as authentically as possible.  
  • Give participants clear guidance on the technical aspects and digital etiquette, including on such details as lighting and eye contact. Do not be afraid to micromanage.  

Consider this:

  • Should the camera be on at all times?  
  • Should counsel sit with the witness?  

More to consider in advance:

  • Provide participants with a detailed agenda well in advance.  
  • Keep in mind that the pace of a virtual hearing is slower than an in-person hearing.  
  • Allow for more breaks and keep the days shorter.  
  • Include time for technical issues.  

Safe up the tech

  • Make sure everyone has access to the documents and knows how to locate relevant sections.  
  • Test run the hearing platform, individually and as a group, and ensure everyone knows the relevant functions (e.g. mute, video, presentation). 
  • Have an IT-expert on standby.  
  • Have a back-up plan.
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SCC arbitrators’ tips for a successful virtual hearing