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SCC Platform 

Secure digital communication and document storage around the clock! From invocation to arbitration. 

Everything you need to know about SCC Platform 

All communication and document storage in disputes handled by SCC occur through a secure and user-friendly cloud-based platform: SCC Platform. 

Communication and document storage on SCC Platform are cyber-secure and available 24/7. 

Each new case registered with us is assigned its own cyber-secure workspace, a so-called case site, on SCC Platform. Here, parties, representatives, arbitrators, and SCC secretariat can access materials related to the dispute through login. 

When a dispute is registered with SCC, a specific case site is created on SCC Platform. In connection with this, representatives receive emails with login credentials for SCC Platform. If you already have login credentials, you gain immediate access to the case site through the existing login. 

SCC Platform enables parties, representatives, arbitrators, and SCC to: 

  • Communicate securely and efficiently  
  • Continuously upload, share, and print materials related to the case, such as procedural decisions, submissions, evidence, and arbitral awards

 SCC Platform includes:   

  • Folder structure
  • Search function    
  • Calendar for relevant dates and deadlines
  • Ability to set reminders
  • Bulletin board where the arbitral tribunal provides practical information to the parties
  • Archiving options where process materials can be stored for a certain period after the arbitration procedure has concluded

Trouble logging in? 

Contact your case administrator at SCC or send an email to 

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