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IBA report on small value claims in investment arbitration

The report includes statistical analysis of small value claims (no greater than US$50m or €50m) in investment arbitration and examines the mechanisms and strategies available to balance the factors time, effort, and financial resource.Some angles:>> small value claims constitute an important segment of the investment arbitration docket>> special procedures for arbitrating small value

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New release of anonymized SCC awards

A new upload of materials from the 2022 volume of the Yearbook Commercial Arbitration is now available in the KluwerArbitration database. The materials include ten unpublished awards rendered under the auspices of the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce between March 2019 and February 2022.  These materials will also be made available on the ICCA Focus on Sweden section on


The story behind The SCC express

Decisions related to commercial dispute resolution today are not only based on legal considerations. They are becoming increasingly influenced by financial and strategic ones. We know that


What is the investment value of a dispute?

Time is money, also when it comes to dealing with commercial disputes. This is the main message in a recent article in Westlaw Today by Emissary Partners managing director Matthew McGrath and Donny


Interview with Kristin Campbell-Wilson

How did you discover the world of international arbitration, and what led you to one of the leading arbitration institutions worldwide, the SCC?"I did not have a particular interest in dispute


The what, when and how of emergency arbitration at the SCC

Between June and August this year, the SCC received six applications for the appointment of an emergency arbitrator.In what type of situations do parties use emergency arbitration?"The purpose of


Kristin Campbell-Wilson appointed new Secretary General of the SCC

Ms Campbell-Wilson has served as the SCC’s Deputy Secretary General since 2012, and as Acting Secretary General since April 2021, when Ms Annette Magnusson stepped down from the post. Ms Campbell-


SCC decisions on challenges – an overview

In a newly published edition of the BCDR International Arbitration Review, Annette Magnusson and Christoffer Coello Hedberg write about SCC practice regarding challenges to arbitrators.


Joint quest for greener arbitrations

Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer is launching a new interesting podcast series Arbitration Insider in collaboration with the New York International Arbitration Center (NYIAC), brilliantly moderated by


SCC Express – designed to fill a gap in the dispute resolution spectrum

Disputes come in all shapes and sizes. Some disputes can be resolved without going through a full-length arbitration, or a court proceeding, and an enforceable award may not be necessary. Today, the


Dispute resolution clauses – a must-have for doing business

How is contract writing itself a key to a successful business deal?"The agreements are incredibly important for Skanska as a company as well as in individual projects. It’s all about getting the


New practice note to emergency arbitrator applications

The SCC was one of the first arbitration institutions in the world to provide for emergency arbitrator proceedings in 2010.  Ten years after the introduction of the Emergency Arbitrator provisions of