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Image of Mikaela Lamrin, Raffaela Isepponi and Anina Liebkind

SWAN and the mission to close the gender gap in the arbitration community

SWAN - Swedish Women in Arbitration Network - is a network for women with an interest in arbitration. What would you say are the strengths of a network such as SWAN?Mikaela Lamrin: I would say that the strength of SWAN is that it is more of an informal network where you meet colleagues over a lunch or at an evening event. What I appreciate the most is its open atmosphere and that it serves as a

Kristin Campbell-Wilson and Meg Kinnear signs co-operation agreement

ICSID and SCC strengthen ties to promote International Dispute Resolution

The agreement signed by Meg Kinnear, Secretary-General of ICSID, and Kristin Campbell-Wilson, Secretary-General of the SCC Arbitration Institute, establishes a framework to jointly support public outreach on dispute resolution tools and methods, exchange information on new trends and technologies, and provide support for proceedings administered by either ICSID or the SCC as needed. To that end,


SCC Express – designed to fill a gap in the dispute resolution spectrum

Disputes come in all shapes and sizes. Some disputes can be resolved without going through a full-length arbitration, or a court proceeding, and an enforceable award may not be necessary. Today, the


Dispute resolution clauses – a must-have for doing business

How is contract writing itself a key to a successful business deal?"The agreements are incredibly important for Skanska as a company as well as in individual projects. It’s all about getting the


New practice note to emergency arbitrator applications

The SCC was one of the first arbitration institutions in the world to provide for emergency arbitrator proceedings in 2010.  Ten years after the introduction of the Emergency Arbitrator provisions of


SCC arbitrators’ tips for a successful virtual hearing

Be well prepared and very organized! Read the many guides available on virtual hearings.Use an external service offered by a specialised vendor for very large or technologically complicated hearings