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Spotlight Talk: Kristoffer Löf

SCC Spotlight Talk: Kristoffer Löf

As outgoing President of the Swedish Arbitration Association, Kristoffer Löf was instrumental in the latest publication on Swedish arbitration, "Högkvalitativa skiljeförfaranden i Sverige". This week, the report was successfully launched and published, further enhancing the high quality of arbitration in Sweden.

Book release

Book Launch: Elevating Arbitration Practices in Sweden

A landmark publication in Swedish, "Högkvalitativa skiljeförfaranden i Sverige" (in English: High-Quality Arbitration in Sweden), has been released, marking a significant milestone for Swedish commercial arbitration. Spearheaded by Kristoffer Löf, President of the Swedish Arbitration Association (SAA), this book aims to document and share the successful practices that have positioned Sweden as a leading arbitration hub.

Caroline SCC Arbitration Week

SCC Arbitration Institute in 2023: Celebrating milestones and shaping the future

There are so many moments and successes to cherish from this year. But sadly, also dark hours will come to mind as we look back on 2023. 

New fees for arbitrators

Higher fees for arbitrators from 1 January 2024

The SCC is increasing the fees for arbitrators handling cases under the SCC Arbitration Rules and the SCC Expedited Arbitration Rules. The decision is a response to the need to adjust for inflation.

Nya medlemmar SCC Styrelse

Here are the new SCC board members

As the new year awaits around the corner we are proud to introduce the new SCC board members. This diverse group of experienced professionals will support the SCC in its case related decisions under

Vis Moot

Calling all arbitration practitioners

To the arbitration community of Sweden and beyond, please join us and support the next generation of legal practitioners at the 2024 Vis Moot in Vienna 23-28 March.

Spotlight Talk: Lina Bergkvist

SCC Spotlight Talk: Lina Bergkvist

The SCC was among the first arbitration in­stitutions in the world to provide for summary procedure in its arbitration ru­les. Summary proceedings can be an efficient way to resolve a dispute or

Practice Note

New SCC Practice Note: Summary Procedure Decisions

In 2017, the SCC Arbitration Institute took a leap forward by introducing the summary procedure into its arbitration rules. In a new Practice Note, SCC Intern Yi Ting Sam and Legal Counsel Jake

SCC Spotlight Talk

SCC Spotlight Talk: Georgios Petrochilos

We talk to Georgios Petrochilos KC, Partner at Three Crowns LLP, about how to best handle emergency arbitrations. Drawing on his wealth of experience, he provides valuable insights into the nuances

Mastering an Effective Dispute Resolution Clause

Webinar: Mastering an Effective Dispute Resolution Clause

Have you ever found yourself in this situation? It’s midnight. The negotiations have been exhausting, but after a few final touches, the contract with all its key terms will finally be ready. But

SCC Arbitration Week Nationalmuseum

"AI doesn't get tired, and it doesn't get bored."

SCC Arbitration Week marked the most important week of the year in the field of dispute resolution. As the world's leading arbitration institute, the SCC opened the doors at Nationalmuseum to explore

SCC Arbitraton Week 2023: A roundtable discussion

Insights Shed Light on Construction Dispute Resolution

In a roundtable discussion, key stakeholders met to discuss the trends in the resolutions of construction disputes. We extend our sincere gratitude to all participants for their invaluable

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