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SCC Arbitration Week 2023: News and Events

Enjoy a selection of the latest news and events during SCC Arbitration Week 2023 from 23 October to 27 October. Every day during the week we will post new content here. 

Mastering an Effective Dispute Resolution Clause

Webinar: Mastering an Effective Dispute Resolution Clause

Join Caroline Falconer and Madeleine Thörn for a recorded one-hour webinar where they are sharing practical tips on how to negotiate a dispute resolution clause.

SCC Arbitration Week Nationalmuseum

"AI doesn't get tired, and it doesn't get bored."

As the world's leading arbitration institute, the SCC opened the doors at Nationalmuseum to explore the potential of AI in the legal landscape.

SCC Arbitraton Week 2023: A roundtable discussion

Insights Shed Light on Construction Dispute Resolution

In a roundtable discussion, key stakeholders met to discuss the trends in the resolutions of construction disputes.

Webinar: Conducting Arbitrators Digitally

In principle all arbitrations in Sweden are ‘digital’

SCC Arbitration Week kicked off with the webinar "Conducting Arbitrations Digitally – The Swedish Way". Watch it here!

Practice Note - Emergency Arbitrator Proceedings

New SCC Practice Note – Emergency Arbitrator Decisions

In a world where disputes can arise unexpectedly, having the right tools to swiftly resolve them is invaluable. A summary of Emergency Arbitrator Decisions.