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Fredrik Reinfeldt spoke at SCC Live Trendspotting event in November 2022.

Former Prime Minister of Sweden: ”Stand up for your values”

”The world order is out of order”. That was the message from former Swedish Prime Minister Mr. Fredrik Reinfeldt, when he delivered the keynote speech at the Live Trendspotting event that kicked off SCC Digital Week in Stockholm.

SCC east-west forum on the war in Ukraine 2022

SCC East-West Forum in Stockholm: International arbitration and the war in Ukraine

On 29th November 2022, the SCC held the third East-West Forum, devoted to the impact of the war in Ukraine on international arbitration.


Lucy Greenwood started The Green Pledge to push change

“We wanted to make it easy for people who want to make changes”, says Lucy Greenwood who founded the Campaign for Greener Arbitration in 2019. An initiative that is still highly relevant and also


Joint statement: EU provides exemption for arbitration proceedings

SCC, VIAC, FAI, DIS, CAM and Swiss Arbitration Centre comments on the EU’S 7th sanctions package.


Swedish ruling allows remote hearings

In a recent ruling by the Svea Court of Appeal, the Court of Appeal confirmed that the right to an oral hearing under the Swedish Arbitration Act (the “SAA") is technology neutral and allows for


SCC survey shows positive approach to digitalized working methods

According to a new SCC survey, 77% of inhouse-lawyers at Nordic companies considers the choice of dispute resolution method a strategic decision at management level. The survey also indicates that


Intensive training in a 19th century setting

A packed program including lectures and interactive exercises in a lovely historical setting: the first SCC/SAA intensive training course for international arbitrators has been launched.


Caroline Falconer joins as new Deputy Secretary General

As of 9 May, Caroline Falconer has taken on the role as Deputy Secretary General and Head of Operations at the SCC. As a former Legal Counsel at Vattenfall, she brings valuable insights on what the


Settled in at Regeringsgatan 29!

Second day at the new SCC office in Stockholm – Case Administrator Sanna Willebrand and Legal Counsel Christoffer Coello Hedberg feel energized and inspired.


Natalia Petrik new Deputy Secretary General

As of April 1, Natalia Petrik has resumed the role as Deputy Secretary General and Head of Business Relations at SCC.


“The arbitrator community should reflect its audience”

The SCC, as well as other institutions, play an important role in making sure that the pool of trained arbitrators is diverse, says Lotta Knapp Lönroth, Senior Manager at Vinge and board member of


SCC board appointed 49% women as arbitrators

The SCC statistics for 2021 reflect the state of the business community during the second year of the Covid-19 crisis. The length of SCC arbitrations from referral to award remained short despite the