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Practice Note

New SCC Practice Note: Summary Procedure Decisions

In 2017, the SCC Arbitration Institute took a leap forward by introducing the summary procedure into its arbitration rules. In a new Practice Note, SCC Intern Yi Ting and Legal Counsel Jake Lowther have analysed the summary procedure decisions in SCC cases from 2017 to 2022.

SCC Spotlight Talk

SCC Spotlight Talk: Georgios Petrochilos

We talk to Georgios Petrochilos KC, Partner at Three Crowns LLP, about how to best handle emergency arbitrations. Drawing on his wealth of experience, he provides valuable insights into the nuances of the process, offering practical advice and considerations for both arbitrators and parties involved in these critical situations.

Thomas Veil portrait and text "SCC Spotlight Talk"

The future of Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) involving green investment disputes

Disputes concerning green investments have been on the rise in recent years. However, the latest developments involving the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) raise questions about the future of ISDS as a

Porträtt av Madeleine Thörn

Meet Madeleine Thörn – new SCC Deputy Secretary General and Head of Operations

On 8 May, Madeleine Thörn assumed the position as Deputy Secretary General and operational manager at the SCC. With her passion for and expertise in commercial arbitration, Madeleine will add value

Eduardo Zuleta

Tackling administrative challenges in ad hoc arbitrations

Ad hoc arbitrations tend to pose a variety of administrative challenges for arbitrators and the parties, especially in the context of investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) proceedings, which

Portrait of Madeleine Thörn and text New Head of Operations - SCC Arbitration Institute

Madeleine Thörn new Head of Operations at the SCC

We are thrilled to announce that Madeleine Thörn will be joining the SCC Arbitration Institute as new Deputy Secretary General in charge of operations. 

Energy Transition Forum 18 April

Key Takeaways from Energy Transition Forum

Energy Transition and Climate Disputes – Why Now? This relevant issue was explored at last week’s Energy Transition Forum organised by the SCC Arbitration Institute, the Centre for Effective Dispute

Mathias Steinö

The main developments of arbitration in the Danish market – meet Mathias Steinø

In our video series, we interviewed a few of the SCC Arbitrators' Council members to gain a better understanding of the international landscape for arbitration and other types of dispute resolution

Prima Facie Practice Note

SCC Practice Note: Prima Facie Jurisdiction between 2013–2023

The SCC Arbitration Institute publishes a new practice note focusing on the decisions on prima facie jurisdiction issued by the SCC between 2013 and 2023. In the practice note, the SCC’s stance in

Pirkka-Marje is interviewed about the Estonian arbitration community

The biggest challenges in the Estonian arbitration community - meet Pirkka-Marja Põldvere

In our new video series, we meet with a few of the members of the SCC Arbitrators' Council to gain a better understanding of the international landscape for arbitration and other types of dispute

Adam Runestam

The SCC internship programme: A chance for lawyers to get to know “the Zlatan of international arbitration”

During January–Mars 2023, Adam Runestam, associate at Hammarskiöld, did an internship at the SCC. Adam graduated from Uppsala University in January 2021 and has since then worked mainly with dispute

Caroline Falconer is interviewed about the SCC's statistics for 2022.

Statistics 2022: For the first time ever, the SCC appoints a majority of female arbitrators

2022 was yet another turbulent year for the world. Just as normalcy was beginning to emerge after the Covid-19 pandemic, the year was abruptly impacted by the war in Ukraine. That, and the

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