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Do you need an evaluation expert?

We can provide you with an independent and impartial valuation expert, auditor, and other independent professionals. The valuation expert can assist you with the valuation of shares or companies.  

Spotlight Talk: Gert Nilsson Eldrimner

SCC Spotlight Talk: Gert Nilsson Eldrimner

The SCC offers mediation services to Swedish and international companies who wish to resolve their disputes outside court. Mediation is a flexible and cost-effective form of dispute resolution where the parties are assisted by an independent third party to resolve their dispute in a considered and legally sound way.  


Interview with Kristin Campbell-Wilson

“There is no one-size-fits-all approach to dispute resolution, so we endeavor to offer the business community a broad menu of services”, says recently appointed Secretary General Kristin Campbell-


The what, when and how of emergency arbitration at the SCC

Imagine the following scenario: Two companies are involved in a commercial dispute, and they are preparing for arbitration. Then, one of the companies moves to sell the unique products at the center


Kristin Campbell-Wilson appointed new Secretary General of the SCC

On August 18, the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce announced the appointment of Kristin Campbell-Wilson as new Secretary General of the SCC Arbitration Institute (SCC).


SCC decisions on challenges – an overview

The SCC has seen a slight increase in the number of challenges against arbitrators during the period 2010 –2019. The article outlines the nature of these challenges, the procedure and the legal


Joint quest for greener arbitrations

"The users of arbitral services work in industries where climate change actions are taken and often required. We need to adapt as well", says legal counsel Christoffer Coello Hedberg who represents


SCC Express – designed to fill a gap in the dispute resolution spectrum

SCC Express is a new dispute resolution tool designed to help business partners resolve disagreements on issues that need to be dealt with quickly, or where there is a wish to avoid a full-length


Dispute resolution clauses – a must-have for doing business

As one of the world’s leading construction and project development companies, Skanska currently runs building projects across the Nordic region, Europe and the United States. The company has many


New practice note to emergency arbitrator applications

A recently published Practice Note by SCC legal counsel Evelina Wahlström examines two years’ of SCC Emergency Arbitrator applications. In the report, EA procedures in the commercial cases from this


SCC arbitrators’ tips for a successful virtual hearing

A list of tips from SCC arbitrators on how to conduct a successful hearing online.

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