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Other services

In addition to the SCC's administration of arbitration under our own rules, we also offer a number of other services. These services are aimed at parties who either do not have an agreement with a dispute resolution clause or wish to initiate an ad hoc procedure – arbitration not administered by an institution.

Access to the SCC Ad Hoc Platform

Disputing parties can use our SCC Ad Hoc Platform digital tool, which is tailored for dispute resolution processes.   
The platform offers secure communication and document storage in ad hoc procedures. The service is completely independent and does not imply that the case is otherwise administered by the SCC or that the dispute resolution is subject to SCC rules. 

Other services 

In an ongoing ad hoc procedure, the SCC can help the parties to:  

  • Appoint arbitrators, auditors and assessors  
  • Decide on challenges to arbitrators  
  • Fund holding (see below)  
  • Manage the notarisation and certification of arbitral awards.  

Requests for ad hoc services should be sent to 
The SCC charges a service fee when the application is confirmed, usually EUR 3,500 (excluding VAT). 

Fund holding:  

  • Funds can only be held in euros.  
  • All funds are placed in a dedicated account. 
  • The SCC confirms all deposits to the parties and the tribunal.  
  • The SCC provides a summary of funds received and disbursed, both periodically and on request.  
  • Payments are made at the request of the tribunal.  
  • The SCC invoices the tribunal for the fundholding service.  
  •  The annual fee is EUR 3,500 (excluding VAT).  

SCC Express

A service primarily aimed at parties with an ongoing contract.


Case management

SCC Platform allow easy and secure communication.


Ad Hoc Platform

Provides participants with a secure and efficient way of communicating.