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Image of Mikaela Lamrin, Raffaela Isepponi and Anina Liebkind

SWAN and the mission to close the gender gap in the arbitration community

SWAN - Swedish Women in Arbitration Network - is a network for women with an interest in arbitration. What would you say are the strengths of a network such as SWAN?Mikaela Lamrin: I would say that the strength of SWAN is that it is more of an informal network where you meet colleagues over a lunch or at an evening event. What I appreciate the most is its open atmosphere and that it serves as a

Kristin Campbell-Wilson and Meg Kinnear signs co-operation agreement

ICSID and SCC strengthen ties to promote International Dispute Resolution

The agreement signed by Meg Kinnear, Secretary-General of ICSID, and Kristin Campbell-Wilson, Secretary-General of the SCC Arbitration Institute, establishes a framework to jointly support public outreach on dispute resolution tools and methods, exchange information on new trends and technologies, and provide support for proceedings administered by either ICSID or the SCC as needed. To that end,

Annonsbild lila med text SCC Skiljedomsinstitut söker ny Biträdande generalsekreterare

Biträdande generalsekreterare med operativt ansvar till SCC

Rollen som biträdande generalsekreterare med operativt ansvarSCC Skiljedomsinstitut grundades år 1917 och är en oberoende del av Stockholms Handelskammare. Verksamheten fokuserar på att bistå med

Kristin Campbell Wilson End of year greeting

SCC End of Year Greeting 2022

2022 has been a busy year for the SCC team. We have met with businesses across all industry segments and geographies to discuss both the benefits of various dispute resolution methods and how the SCC

images of the 2023 SCC Rules

2023 SCC Rules – what are the changes?

The rule revision committee consisted of Barton Legum, Christoffer Coello Hedberg, Crina Baltag, Dmitri Evseev, Evelina T. Wahlström, Ginta Ahrel and Johan Sidklev. Charlotta Falkman was a member of

SCC BAHR event image

SCC and BAHR invite to joint event in Oslo

The event will be in the form of a debate confronting ad hoc arbitration and institutional arbitration, as well as exploring the traditional Norwegian ad hoc setting as opposed to administered

Caroline Falconer is the new Secretary General of the SCC Arbitration Institute in Stockholm

Caroline Falconer appointed as new Secretary General of the SCC Arbitration Institute

Caroline Falconer is currently Deputy Secretary General in charge of operations at the SCC Arbitration Institute, and prior to that, worked as Senior Legal Counsel at Vattenfall for seven years. She

Fredrik Reinfeldt spoke at SCC Live Trendspotting event in November 2022.

Former Prime Minister of Sweden: ”Stand up for your values”

Hear Mr. Reinfeldt’s thoughts on the hardship for globalism and growing authoritarianism and why he still believes there is hope for the future. SCC Live Trendspotting Event - SCC Digital Week

SCC east-west forum on the war in Ukraine 2022

SCC East-West Forum in Stockholm: International arbitration and the war in Ukraine

On 29 November 2022, the SCC held the third East-West Forum, devoted to the impact of the war in Ukraine on international arbitration. The war and the subsequent sanctions against Russia have

Kristin Campbell-Wilson and Hugo Mann talk about the new SCC brand.

The re-launch of the SCC brand

Kristin Campbell-Wilson, Secretary General at the SCC Arbitration Institute and Hugo Mann, CMO of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, present the re-launch of the SCC brandThe re-launch of the SCC

The story behind the SCC Express

The benefits of SCC Express

Discover the origin of SCC Express The SCC Express film from The SCC on Vimeo.READ MORE: News from the SCC Digital Week

SCC survey about important factors for an arbitration institute

Survey shows: most important features of an arbitration institute

When all respondents were asked about what is most important for any arbitration institute, they talked about neutrality and impartiality, service level to arbitrators and parties, expertise at the