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The government's new strategy for Sweden's foreign trade: SCC is a central player

The Swedish government has decided on a new strategy for Sweden's foreign trade to support Swedish companies in the global market. The strategy encourages companies and investors to include SCC's

Sofia intervju

Sofia Halleback joins the SCC Arbitration Institute

Sofia Halleback onboard since 2 May as Head of Business Development.

Spotlight Talk: Gisela Knuts

Spotlight Talk: Gisela Knuts

How do cultural differences shape the conduct of arbitrators in international arbitration? Gisela Knuts, an independent arbitrator with extensive experience in international dispute resolution,

Greener Arbitration

A call for Greener Arbitrations

In the fast-paced world of arbitration, where disputes are resolved and decisions are made, there's a growing call for a greener approach. Madeleine Thörn, Deputy Secretary General at the SCC, has