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Case management

Secure digital communication 24 hours a day! 
We handle all cases on SCC Platform to allow easy and secure communication between the SCC, parties, and arbitrators worldwide. Here you will find information about the platform, as well as guidance and login links.  


Since 2019, all communication in the cases we manage takes place via a secure and user-friendly cloud-based platform – SCC Platform.  

Every single new case registered with us is assigned its own cyber-secure workspace, a so-called case site, on the platform. Here, parties, representatives, arbitrators and case administrators can access all material relating to the case via their login.  

SCC Platform allows parties, agents and arbitrators to:  

  • communicate safely and effectively   
  • upload, share and print case materials, such as procedural decisions, pleadings and evidence, on an ongoing basis.  

The platform includes:  

  • a search function   
  • a calendar for relevant dates and deadlines   
  • the ability to set reminders  
  • a notice board which the arbitration tribunal can use to provide practical information to the parties  
  • archiving facilities where the procedural material can be stored once the arbitration has been concluded.  

Communication on the platform is fast and available 24 hours a day. This makes communication easier and more efficient when parties, lawyers and arbitrators are sometimes in different time zones or unable to meet in person.

The SCC Platform

SCC arbitrations are administered on the SCC Platform – a secure digital platform.

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The Ad Hoc Platform

The Ad Hoc Platform is a secure digital platform for communications and file sharing between the parties and the tribunal.

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Security and guidelines

SCC statistik

Security on the platform

The SCC Platform addresses the ever-increasing need of secure, digital information-sharing in arbitration proceedings.


Resource library

In our digital library we have assembled information on international arbitration.



Please contact us if you have questions about your login or any function in the SCC Platform.

About the platform

The SCC was one of the first institutions in the world to launch a digital case management platform. Se our movie from the launch here.


  • All files in one place, providing a searchable overview of the material.  
  • Parties, arbitrators and agents can upload, download, review and print documents. 
  • All communication and uploaded material is accessible on a computer, mobile or tablet– instantly and regardless of geographical distance.  


  • Once the files have been uploaded, they cannot be deleted or edited.  
  • Anyone who has been invited to the case site has full visibility of who has access to communications, documents, etc.


  • SCC Platform is a working tool based on secure, cloud-based data storage on servers in the EU. 
  • The parties do not need to send large files with confidential content via email, regular mail or insecure sharing services.