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Security on the platform

The SCC Platform addresses the ever-increasing need of secure, digital information-sharing in arbitration proceedings. It eliminates the need to send sensitive or bulky files by email or other less secure means.

The SCC Platform is powered by HighQ, a world leading supplier of secure digital solutions for the legal profession used and trusted by 250+ law firms, including some of the largest in the world. The system is ISO 27001 certified and has a SOC2 Report.

All files are kept in cloud-based storage in high-security facilities with separate back-up facilities at a different location. Both the primary and back-up facilities are located in Germany.  All data is encrypted using military-grade encryption and all files are scanned for malware and viruses when uploaded.

The system has numerous security systems in place; two-factor authentication, a single encrypted https entry point, web application firewalls, intrusion detection, log file monitoring, anti-virus, code scanning technologies, etc. The interface and settings are further designed to minimize the risk of human error compromising security or confidentiality.

The system is regularly scanned for vulnerabilities by HighQ as well as by third party security experts. In addition, the system is subjected to third-party penetration tests at regular intervals.

The Platform has 99,9 % uptime and any scheduled maintenance downtime will be scheduled to minimise inconvenience to users.

HighQ adheres to high confidentiality standards and are contractually bound by confidentiality to the SCC. HighQ may neither access any files uploaded to the Platform, nor is it able to view or amend the list of people with access to different sites without the prior permission of the SCC.


Ad Hoc Platform

The SCC Platform is a secure digital platform for communications and file sharing between the parties and the tribunal. It is used in all SCC arbitrations since September 2019 and it is available also to ad hoc arbitrations.


SCC platform

We handle all cases on SCC Platform to allow easy and secure communication between the SCC, parties, and arbitrators worldwide.