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Practice Note

New SCC Practice Note: Summary Procedure Decisions

In 2017, the SCC Arbitration Institute took a leap forward by introducing the summary procedure into its arbitration rules. In a new Practice Note, SCC Intern Yi Ting and Legal Counsel Jake Lowther have analysed the summary procedure decisions in SCC cases from 2017 to 2022.

SCC Spotlight Talk

SCC Spotlight Talk: Georgios Petrochilos

We talk to Georgios Petrochilos KC, Partner at Three Crowns LLP, about how to best handle emergency arbitrations. Drawing on his wealth of experience, he provides valuable insights into the nuances of the process, offering practical advice and considerations for both arbitrators and parties involved in these critical situations.

Mastering an Effective Dispute Resolution Clause

Webinar: Mastering an Effective Dispute Resolution Clause

Have you ever found yourself in this situation? It’s midnight. The negotiations have been exhausting, but after a few final touches, the contract with all its key terms will finally be ready. But

SCC Arbitration Week Nationalmuseum

"AI doesn't get tired, and it doesn't get bored."

SCC Arbitration Week marked the most important week of the year in the field of dispute resolution. As the world's leading arbitration institute, the SCC opened the doors at Nationalmuseum to explore

SCC Arbitraton Week 2023: A roundtable discussion

Insights Shed Light on Construction Dispute Resolution

In a roundtable discussion, key stakeholders met to discuss the trends in the resolutions of construction disputes. We extend our sincere gratitude to all participants for their invaluable

Digitalization - The Swedish Approach to Sustainable Arbitration

In principle all arbitrations in Sweden are ‘digital’

 SCC Arbitration Week kicked off with a webinar that shed light on Sweden's approach to digital arbitration and highlighted the fundamental role technology plays in ensuring the success and

Practice Note - Emergency Arbitrator Proceedings

New SCC Practice Note – Emergency Arbitrator Decisions

A European company and an Asian company are having a dispute regarding the termination of their contract. The European company applied for an emergency arbitrator proceeding at the SCC to stop the

SCC Spotlight Talk In this Spotlight Talk with Tom Melbye Eide

SCC Spotlight Talk: Tom Melbye Eide

In this SCC Spotlight Talk, we sit down with Tom Melbye Eide, an independent consultant and international arbitrator/mediator. With extensive experience as a former General Counsel for a major energy

SSC 2023 Analytics

SCC 2023 Analytics: “Ad hoc vs. Institutional Arbitration in Construction Disputes”

It is more expensive and time-consuming to resolve construction disputes in ad hoc arbitration than at the SCC Arbitration Institute. This is demonstrated in a new report by SCC Deputy Secretary

SCC Spotlight Talk with Jurriaan Kien

SCC Spotlight Talk: Negotiating contracts and dispute resolution clauses in the renewables sector

As a part of the interview series – The SCC Spotlight Talk – Jurriaan Kien, Legal Director New Energies & Services at SBM Offshores and international arbitrator talks about contracts and disputes


Nicolas Martinez's Journey and Vision at the SCC

The newest addition to the SCC team, Nicolas Martinez, has made a significant impact in the world of arbitration, both nationally and internationally, as the former Project Manager of the Stockholm

Beata Gessel and Caroline Falconer in a studio

The evolution of arbitration practices in Eastern and Western Europe

In this video series, we engage in conversations with members of our SCC Arbitrators' Council to find out more about the global perspective on arbitration and various dispute resolution approaches in

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