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Arbitrator Training Programme

The SCC, in collaboration with the Swedish Arbitration Association (SAA), is once again organising a unique arbitration training programme tailored to Swedish conditions. The programme consists of 12 sessions on Swedish and international arbitration law and is led by experienced Swedish and international arbitrators. The Arbitrator Training Programme is in Swedish.

The target audience for the Arbitration Training Programme is lawyers with experience in representing clients in Swedish and international arbitration proceedings. Participants are expected to be motivated and prepared to undertake pre-course work (including homework and group assignments) and to actively participate in discussions.

Participants are also expected to have a relatively good prior knowledge of arbitration law and to be willing to attend all sessions in person in Stockholm.

The Arbitration Training Programme for 2024 is currently underway and is fully subscribed. Here you can view the course programme for 2024.

The next training is likely to start in 2026. If you have any questions, please contact