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Fund Holding Services at the SCC Arbitration Institute

Our fund holding services ensure secure and efficient management of funds related to arbitrations. We handle all financial aspects with precision and transparency.

Currency Restriction

Funds can only be held in euros.

Dedicated Account

All funds are placed in a dedicated account.

Deposit Confirmation

The SCC Secretariat confirms all deposits. Such confirmation is made in relation to the parties and the tribunal.

Comprehensive Reporting

  • Periodic Summaries: The SCC provides regular summaries of funds received and disbursed, ensuring transparency.
  • On-Demand Reports: Parties and tribunals can request detailed reports as needed.

Payment Processing

  • Payments are executed promptly upon the tribunal’s request, facilitating smooth proceedings.
  • Invoicing Service: The SCC invoices the tribunal for the fundholding service, streamlining administrative processes.
  • Annual Fee: EUR 3,000 (excluding VAT)

Feel free to reach out to our email if you have any further inquiries or require additional information.