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Former Interns

SCC interns about the internship.

Adam Runestam, internship January – March 2023

"Now I know more about the SCC’s day-to-day business. I also have a more robust understanding of the major role that the SCC plays in relation to international arbitration and how the SCC has put Sweden on the map in the context of trade, business, and peaceful dispute resolution. One could say that I have got to know “the Zlatan of international arbitration”. And I most definitely will benefit from this friendship in my career as a lawyer working with arbitration and litigation.“

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Alexei Pirozhkin, internship January – April 2019

"During the internship I had a unique opportunity to see how international arbitration is carried out from the institutional perspective. Another considerable part of my work at the SCC was devoted to analysis of application of emergency arbitrator proceedings in investment treaty disputes, where I gained inspiration and the basis for my master thesis.

Unfortunately, a part of my internship fell within coronavirus outbreak. But I was really surprised [at] how fast the team switched to a remote working mode, and stayed as effective as working from the office. A strong team spirit in this hard time was even more evident as there always were online “fika” and team discussions.“

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Valeryia Dubeshka, internship March – May 2019

“The internship at the SCC is an opportunity to look at dispute resolution from a different angle. Understanding how an institution functions and what drives it forward creates sound background for future legal practice as counsel.

Since you review parties’ submissions, you inevitably see examples of various legal drafting styles and can pick up best practices and catch a broad spectrum of issues arising in arbitration. Moreover, Stockholm has a thriving arbitration community and offers many arbitration events and as an intern you have the advantage of attending many of them.”

Rodrigo Carè, internship September – November 2018

“Being the only intern at the Secretariat I was able to observe all the processes and to get the “big picture” of how an arbitral institution works.

I had a great opportunity to attend Board meetings. The SCC Board is composed of world-class practitioners and academics and it was priceless to observe how these great minds approach strategic decisions.

I was also invited to attend several conferences and seminars, which attract prominent practitioners and academics from every part of the globe. I was impressed by the level of the arbitration conferences and attention towards innovation and environmental advocacy.”

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Alexei Vyalkov, internship March – May 2018

LL.M Degree and Successful Career Afterwards, Interview with Alexey Vyalkov. Newsletter, Issue 8:2018, Russian Arbitration Association.

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Anton Alifanov, internship March – May 2016

LLM Degree in arbitration 35, Interview with Anton Alifanov. Newsletter, Issue 7:2017, Russian Arbitration Association.

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