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Meet the SCC: The Future of Collaboration in Business Law

How will the rapid development within the AI field affect the collaboration between law firms and inhouse legal counsels? Which are the latest tools? What can inhouse counsels do themselves to further streamline their legal advice? How will this development affect the dispute resolution landscape?

Framtidens Samarbete

These are a few of the topics SCC Secretary General Caroline Falconer will deep dive into together with Charlotta Kronblad at Gothenburg University, Anna Rzewuska at Telia, Jan Willamo at Roschier, and Max Junestrand at Leya at an upcoming lunch event in Stockholm, hosted by Regi Research & Strategi. 

Date: 6 February 2024
Time: 11:00-13:30 
Venue: Berns, Stockholm

Please join us there!

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