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Meet the SCC: Sanctions in International Arbitration

How can we support international trade in a turbulent geopolitical environment? How is international arbitration affected by economic sanctions? These are the topics of CIArb’s Annual Conference where Caroline Falconer will speak. 

Meet the SCC: Copenhagen

Today’s tumultuous geopolitical world has spawned an unprecedentedly vast and varied array of economic sanctions. 

The ways in which sanctions have affected international commercial relations, including claims in international arbitration, have multiplied and markedly changed the commercial landscape. 

Whilst this minefield creates challenges in international arbitrations, the unique characteristics of arbitration may provide opportunities for global trade to adjust more effectively to the new situation. 

This conference will investigate the complex challenges posed by sanctions, and identify and assess their impact on the various actors in international arbitration – arbitration institutions, arbitrators, and the parties - across the stages of agreeing to arbitrate, the arbitration proceeding, and the enforcement of arbitral awards. 

Please join us! 

Venue: Villa Copenhagen  
Date: 19-20 April 

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