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High trust for the SCC Arbitration Institute in the Nordics

SCC Arbitration Institute is the preferred choice among Nordic companies turning abroad to resolve their business disputes. This is demonstrated by the seventh edition of the Roschier Disputes Index.

Published 2024-03-12

Roschier Disputes Index

Roschier Disputes Index

The Roschier Dispute Index is a regular market survey focusing on prevailing practices and trends in dispute resolution in the Nordics. The report details which methods companies prefer, the challenges they encounter, and how they resolve them. The results are based on in-depth interviews with general counsel and in-house counsel from 144 different companies, from some of the largest companies in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden.  

The data for the 2024 Roschier Disputes Index was collected by Kantar Prospera, part of the Kantar group.

SCC has a leading role in the Nordics

The SCC maintains a high trust among Nordic companies. A majority of the respondents, 55 %, prefer to resolve their disputes at the SCC when turning beyond their national borders.

According to Caroline Falconer, Secretary General of the SCC, the trust shown may be influenced by several factors:

”The SCC's efficient and adaptable procedures, coupled with a strong culture of innovation, cater to the evolving needs of businesses. We offer truly efficient and flexible procedures, and our innovative culture is well-known. We have a strong dedication to serving the best interests of companies, and our commitment to neutrality and impartiality ensures fairness in all cases and across jurisdictions.”

Continued positive attitude towards arbitration in the Nordics

Nordic companies prefer arbitration over litigation, with a majority of 64%. Over ten years, this figure has remained stable with a slight increase of 3%. The preference for arbitration is primarily due to the following three reasons:

  1. Arbitration is confidential
  2. The arbitrators have relevant expertise for the dispute in question
  3. Arbitration is more efficient than litigation

Caroline Falconer highlights the advantages Nordic companies stand to gain through arbitration procedures:

"Arbitration offers privacy, allowing sensitive information to remain confidential, while also enabling parties to select arbitrators, for example with industry-specific expertise. The process is flexible, accommodating the parties' needs and leading to generally faster and more cost-effective resolutions."

Arbitration prevails strongly over litigation in Finland and Sweden over litigation

88% of Finnish companies prefer to resolve their commercial disputes through arbitration rather than in court. For Sweden, that number is 78% and for Denmark, 50%. As in previous years, Norway remains the only Nordic country that prefers litigation over arbitration.

"Sweden's prominence in arbitration in the Nordics can be attributed to its well-established arbitration institution (SCC was founded in 1917 and has had a great number of international disputes since the 70’s), favorable legal framework, great international reputation, and efficiency, making arbitration the preferred choice for resolving disputes among Swedish companies," says Caroline Falconer.

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