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SCC’s next sensation now launched

Just over a year ago, SCC released the AI-developed unisex perfume SCCENT which quickly became a talking point all around the world. Now, we are presenting a sequel in the campaign, evolving the concept of human senses from the scent to the sense of world class arbitration.

Published 2024-05-28

the sense

Since 1917, SCC Arbitration Institute has provided a world famous and independent venue for dispute resolution. Consistently staying at the forefront of change to meet the developing needs of the business community. Now, they are also connecting with the world through their high-quality accessories – the SCC Clauses Socks.   

“Arbitration institutes exist in an anonymous realm where discretion, efficiency, and competence are fundamental prerequisites for success. Therefore, it is especially enjoyable to take a bold step and do something that raises a few eyebrows in the industry”, says Caroline Falconer, Secretary General of SCC Arbitration Institute.

The SCC Clauses Socks come in three different colours, representing SCC´s three favourite Dispute Resolution Clauses – SCC Arbitration, SCC Expedited Arbitration and SCC Express. The campaign features all SCC employees who have acted as models themselves, making the material personal and unique.

"Creatively portraying and conveying the experience of the SCC and our services through emotions and senses is a way for us to strengthen our position and simultaneously build preference for our brand", says Hugo Mann, Marketing Director of SCC Arbitration Institute and the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce.

Step into SCC´s world class arbitration by using the exclusive sock collection. Bringing the power of the SCC straight to your feet during the workday.  


Feel the sensations

SCC Team's Selections

SCC Team's Selections

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