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The benefits of SCC Express

Meet Emilia Lundberg, Mattias Göransson and Kristin Campbell-Wilson when they share the origin of the new express dispute resolution tool SCC Express, and give examples on how it can help your business.

Published 2022-12-01

The story behind the SCC Express

This is SCC Express

  • SCC Express Dispute Assessment – SCC Express – is a service primarily aimed at parties with an ongoing contract.  
  • The priority is on the business relationship and the parties have a legal dispute they want to resolve quickly and at a fixed price.  
  • The service can also be used by parties who want to test their legal position before a settlement discussion or a decision to initiate legal proceedings through arbitration or in court.    

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Discover the origin of SCC Express 

The SCC Express film from The SCC on Vimeo.

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