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SCC and BAHR invite to joint event in Oslo

On the 26 January 2023 and in connection to the Norwegian Arbitration Day, the SCC and BAHR invite to a Pre-conference Discussion on ad hoc vs institutional arbitration. 

Published 2022-12-22

SCC BAHR event image

The event will be in the form of a debate confronting ad hoc arbitration and institutional arbitration, as well as exploring the traditional Norwegian ad hoc setting as opposed to administered arbitration. A panel consisting of Kristoffer Löf (Mannheimer Swartling), Knut Høivik (Equinor), Thomas K. Svensen (BAHR) and Natalia Petrik (SCC Arbitration Institute) and moderated by Gisela Knuts, will share expert knowledge, war stories and inspiration from international proceedings in different settings.

After the debate there will be a networking reception before walking to University of Oslo for those attending Norwegian Arbitration Day (10 min. walking distance).

Register for the SCC and BAHR Pre-conference event here