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The SCC arbitrators' council is launched

The SCC expands its structure with a new body – the SCC Arbitrators' Council, aimed at widening the SCC’s network of users and fostering relations with arbitral practitioners worldwide. “This is an important step in further development of the SCC as an international arbitration institution”, says Natalia Petrik, the SCC Deputy Secretary General. We asked Natalia about the mission of the Council and its plans for the near future.

Published 2022-09-28

SCC Arbitration Council 2022

The SCC is known for its innovative and efficient dispute resolution services, which are designed to meet the expectations of the business and the legal community. Another natural step which ensures our growth and the relevance of our services on international markets, is the recent creation of the SCC Arbitrators’ Council, an advisory body aimed at engaging the SCC in dialogue with arbitration users in their respective jurisdictions. We are delighted to welcome on board of our first SCC Arbitrators' Council:

-  Alexander Foerster, Germany 
-  Beata Gessel, Poland 
-  Aigoul Kenjebaeva, Kazakhstan 
-  Markiian Malsky, Ukraine 
-  Elijah Putilin, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan 
-  Pirkka-Marja Põldvere, Estonia 
-  Mathias Steinø, Denmark 
-  Amund Törum, Norway 
-  Cosmin Vasile, Romania 
-  Daiga Zivtina, Latvia

The Council will be meeting soon in Stockholm to discuss the activities they will undertake for the coming year. We will also present the Council members through a series of interviews. So, stay tuned and follow the SCC’s updates on social media.

Read more about the The SCC Arbitrators' Council here.

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