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SCC End of Year Greeting 2022

It is that time of year once again when one typically looks back at all the experiences and accomplishments of the past year. 

Published 2022-12-30

Kristin Campbell Wilson End of year greeting

2022 has been a busy year for the SCC team. We have met with businesses across all industry segments and geographies to discuss both the benefits of various dispute resolution methods and how the SCC can support them. The team participated in more than 50 conferences and speaking engagements in the Nordics, Europe, USA, the Middle East and Asia. We carried out a market survey among corporate lawyers in the Nordics, moved into a new green office space in the heart of Stockholm, published a summary of our commitment to promote sustainability in arbitration, the SCC Sustainability Commitment, and a new report on green technology disputes during 1 January 2019 – 1 October 2022. In addition, we launched the first SCC/SAA diploma course for foreign arbitrators in collaboration with the Swedish Arbitration Association. We established an advisory body of arbitration experts, theSCC Arbitrator’s Council, aimed at engaging the SCC in dialogue with arbitration users in their respective jurisdictions. We also completed the revision of the SCC Rules with new rules coming into effect on 1 January 2023. 

Furthermore, we finalized a year-long project to give this 100-year-old institution a face-lift. In November during the SCC Digital Week 2022, we launched a new brand and visual expression for the SCC, which embodies our core values while making visible the essence of what the SCC is today – reliable, progressive and independent. Last, but not least, we also developed our very own perfume – SCCENT – the scent of world class arbitration!

The most important development of the year, however, is without a doubt standing up for what is right to ensure access to justice and safeguard the rule of law even in times of war. We joined forces with our friends and colleagues at VIAC, FAI, DIS, CAM, and Swiss Arbitration Centre, to seek clarification on the scope of the new sanctions regulations issued by the EU and their implications on arbitral proceedings following the Russian Federation’s aggression on Ukraine. Our efforts resulted in the amendment of the regulations and an exemption for arbitration from the relevant prohibition introduced in March 2022.

It is an opportunity to reflect on the special moments of 2022, of which there are plenty. It is also an opportunity for me to reflect on the 10 years that I have spent with the SCC which are now coming to an end. What a fantastic decade it has been! It has been a great pleasure to work with this small and incredible team. Initiating and participating in exciting development projects. A centennial celebration. New rules. Leading the way for institutional arbitration into the era of digitalization and greener arbitration with the SCC Platform and SCC Ad Hoc Platform (and see the rest of the industry following suit!). Developing a completely new dispute resolution tool (SCC Express). Engaging on a daily basis with some of the best lawyers in the world and making awesome friends in this amazing and diverse global arbitration community! 

I am grateful for every connection made and every project that I have been involved in during this time. I would like to send a particular heartfelt Thank You to all those who have been part of the core at the SCC over the years – the Secretariat and the SCC Board!

In a few weeks, I will step down as Secretary General of the SCC. The SCC team will enter a new chapter with Caroline Falconer at the helm. I wish them and all of you good health and prosperity for 2023!

Vi ses!


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