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SCC Forum Debate: Energy Disputes in the 21st Century

On 28 February 2023 -  and in connection to the Tel Aviv Arbitration Week - the SCC Arbitration Institute, Swedish Arbitration Association, RPC and Manufactures Association of Israel (MAI) invite you to the SCC Forum debate on the energy disputes in the 21st century. 

Published 2023-02-02

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With the energy crisis in 2022, efficient resolution of energy disputes has dominated the agenda of the arbitration practitioners. The crisis evolves against the background of the profound legal reform of the Energy Charter Treaty and the ISDS system, climate change commitments and cross-border disputes, giving rise to complex legal issues and setting new trends in international arbitration. 

The SCC Forum Debates aim to establish a discussion forum for international arbitration practitioners, with particular focus on resolution of East-West disputes. The program includes an Opening remarks by Amir Foster, Executive Director of The Association of Oil and Gas Exploration Industries in Israel, followed be keynotes by Dr. Carina Baltag (Stockholm University, member of the SCC Board) on the transformation of the Energy Charter Treaty and Dana Daybog (Director, International Economic Affairs at the Israeli Ministry of Justice) on the settlement of the maritime dispute between Israel and Lebanon. Two panel debates will follow the opening presentations.

The first debate, moderated by Tatiana Minaeva (International Arbitration Partner at RPC (London)), will focus on the Legal Perspectives, and the topics in will be presented by Robin Oldenstam (Mannheimer Swartling, Chair of the SCC Board), Natalia Petrik (SCC Deputy Secretary General) and Anina Liebkind (Partner, Norburg & Sherp).

The second debate, moderated by Shai Wade (Partner and Head of Arbitration, RPC) will focus on Industry Perspectives. Topics will be presented by Binyamin (Bini) Zomer (Head of Foreign Affairs and Administration at Chevron Mediterranean Limited) Nir Deutsch (Director, Foreign Trade and International Affairs Division Manufacturers’ Association of Israel), and Nir Kantor (Director of the Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Environmental society at Manufacturers Association of Israel).

Event flyer here

Follow the link for details and registration: here

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