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SCC Sustainability commitment

Assessing risks and setting corporate ambitions related to sustainability are central issues for any business today. Companies need to understand the environmental, economic, and social impacts of their operations, which extends to disputes as part of their wider business activities.

Published 2022-08-18


The SCC’s mission is to facilitate trade and business, and we are guided by the same values and priorities as the international business community that we serve. We are therefore committed to providing dispute resolution services that align with business efforts to achieve sustainable development.

We are an industry leader in making arbitrations greener by introducing digital working methods to reduce paper, paying for carbon offsets when travel cannot be avoided, and both encouraging and compensating our arbitrators to do the same. We strive for diversity and gender equality within the arbitration community through the appointment of arbitrators and in all our associated activities. We will continue to efficiently resolve climate-related disputes and engage our stakeholders on sustainability issues.

– We have introduced several innovations and new working methods in the last ten years to support the implementation of greener arbitrations and other sustainability goals in our community. The SCC Sustainability Commitment is a testament to our dedication towards helping businesses realize their ESG goals and sustainability ambitions when in dispute, and ESG issues will remain central to SCC’s development going forward, says Secretary General Kristin Campbell-Wilson.

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