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Spotlight Talk: Kristoffer Löf

SCC Spotlight Talk: Kristoffer Löf

As outgoing President of the Swedish Arbitration Association, Kristoffer Löf was instrumental in the latest publication on Swedish arbitration, "Högkvalitativa skiljeförfaranden i Sverige". This week, the report was successfully launched and published, further enhancing the high quality of arbitration in Sweden.

Book release

Book Launch: Elevating Arbitration Practices in Sweden

A landmark publication in Swedish, "Högkvalitativa skiljeförfaranden i Sverige" (in English: High-Quality Arbitration in Sweden), has been released, marking a significant milestone for Swedish commercial arbitration. Spearheaded by Kristoffer Löf, President of the Swedish Arbitration Association (SAA), this book aims to document and share the successful practices that have positioned Sweden as a leading arbitration hub.

Spotlight Talk: Gisela Knuts

Spotlight Talk: Gisela Knuts

How do cultural differences shape the conduct of arbitrators in international arbitration? Gisela Knuts, an independent arbitrator with extensive experience in international dispute resolution,

Greener Arbitration

A call for Greener Arbitrations

In the fast-paced world of arbitration, where disputes are resolved and decisions are made, there's a growing call for a greener approach. Madeleine Thörn, Deputy Secretary General at the SCC, has

the sense

SCC’s next sensation now launched

Just over a year ago, SCC released the AI-developed unisex perfume SCCENT which quickly became a talking point all around the world. Now, we are presenting a sequel


The government's new strategy for Sweden's foreign trade: SCC is a central player

The Swedish government has decided on a new strategy for Sweden's foreign trade to support Swedish companies in the global market. The strategy encourages companies and investors to include SCC's

Sofia intervju

Sofia Halleback joins the SCC Arbitration Institute

Sofia Halleback onboard since 2 May as Head of Business Development.

SCC Practice Note: Security for Costs

New SCC Practice Note on Security for Costs

In 2017, the SCC added user-friendly provisions to the SCC Rules, including on security for costs. After the SCC Rules were revised in January 2023, SCC Legal Counsel Jake Lowther and former Intern

SCC Express svenska

Our 3 week dispute resolution service is now available in Swedish

Not all disputes need to endure lengthy proceedings. Disputes of lesser complexity can be easily resolved within three weeks and at a fixed price with the SCC Express Rules. We have translated the

Online Request

A new way to commence arbitration

We are now increasing security – start your arbitration with our digital form.

Lina Krait

Meet Lina Krait: SCC’s newest addition to the team

Last week, SCC's new legal counsel, Lina Krait, assumed her position, bringing with her experience from real estate and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Get to know Lina – and find out which

SCC Statistics

2023 Statistics: Increasing number of international disputes being resolved at the SCC

In 2023, the SCC solidified its position as a key player in international dispute resolution. Despite global challenges, the SCC thrived. Trust grew, seen in higher amounts in dispute, a greater

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