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Lina Krait

Meet Lina Krait: SCC’s newest addition to the team

Last week, SCC's new legal counsel, Lina Krait, assumed her position, bringing with her experience from real estate and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Get to know Lina – and find out which celebrities she would like to have dinner with.

SCC Statistics

2023 Statistics: Increasing number of international disputes being resolved at the SCC

In 2023, the SCC solidified its position as a key player in international dispute resolution. Despite global challenges, the SCC thrived. Trust grew, seen in higher amounts in dispute, a greater

Spotlight Talk: Simon Arvmyren

SCC Spotlight Talk: Simon Arvmyren

SCC's expedited dispute resolution service, SCC Express, offers a fast assessment of disputes within a mere three-week timeframe. Simon Arvmyren, who played a pivotal role as counsel in SCC's

Roschier Disputes Index

High trust for the SCC Arbitration Institute in the Nordics

SCC Arbitration Institute is the preferred choice among Nordic companies turning abroad to resolve their business disputes. This is demonstrated by the seventh edition of the Roschier Disputes Index.

Spotlight Talk: Lindsay

SCC Spotlight Talk: Lindsay Gastrell

As part of the interview series – the SCC Spotlight Talk – Lindsay Gastrell, Independent Arbitrator with Arbitration Chambers talks about the benefits of diversity in international arbitration and

SCC Dispute Resolution Clauses

SCC expands global reach: dispute resolution clauses in more languages

The SCC's dispute resolution clauses are now available in several new languages. Now, companies and organisations worldwide can benefit from the SCC's expertise in dispute resolution in English,

21 February

Recorded seminar: Mastering contract negotiations and dispute differences in Denmark, Germany, Norway, and Lithuania

Four different countries geographically close but with different trends and preferences. What influences the choice between arbitration and litigation? That was the topic of last week's seminar.


SCC strengthens international collaboration for enhanced dispute resolution globally

SCC Arbitration Institute has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with the Silicon Valley Arbitration & Mediation Center (SVAMC). This partnership signifies another milestone in our

Spotlight Talk Patricia

SCC Spotlight Talk: Patricia Shaughnessy

The largest and most prestigious student competition in arbitration, the Vis Moot, is approaching. But how can we better support the teams facing challenges with access to resources and financial aid

Nyhet: Värderingspersoner

Do you need an evaluation expert?

We can provide you with an independent and impartial valuation expert, auditor, and other independent professionals. The valuation expert can assist you with the valuation of shares or companies. 

Spotlight Talk: Gert Nilsson Eldrimner

SCC Spotlight Talk: Gert Nilsson Eldrimner

The SCC offers mediation services to Swedish and international companies who wish to resolve their disputes outside court. Mediation is a flexible and cost-effective form of dispute resolution where

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