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Negotiating Dispute Resolution Clauses – Setting the stage for Future Disputes

Dispute resolution clauses often get limited attention towards the end of contract negotiations. However, the choices made at this stage can have decisive consequences in a subsequent dispute. Welcome to a webinar by SCC Deputy Secretary General, Madeleine Thörn, on the benefits of arbitration.

Legally Lady

On 7 May, Madeleine Thörn, Deputy Secretary General and Head of Operations at the SCC Arbitration Institute, will be a guest lecturer for Legally Lady (in Swedish). During the webinar, Madeleine will discuss the importance of making an active choice regarding arbitration or litigation, and if you choose arbitration - what is the difference between arbitrations administered by an arbitration institute and an ad hoc arbitration? What are the main differences between the SCC Arbitration Institute and other institutions? 

During the webinar, you will learn about: 

  • When different dispute resolution methods are most suitable 
  • What to include in a dispute resolution clause 
  • What to avoid in a dispute resolution clause 

Date: 7 May 
Time: 12:00–12:45 
Location: Online 
Language: Swedish  
Please join us for this lecture kindly hosted by Legally Lady! 


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