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The sensations of world class arbitration

Every year, hundreds of companies and organisations around the world turn to us for help to solve their disputes, fast and efficiently. So that they can focus on their core business instead. Now they can do so while enjoying the sensations of world class arbitration.

The Sense

Step into the future of world class arbitration by embracing your favourite SCC Dispute Resolution Clause in our exclusive sock collection, bringing the power of arbitration straight to your feet during your workday.

SCC ARBITRATION  · Midnight Blue 
Our most classic offer of settling disputes out of court. Fast, reliable and confidential.

Not everything has to be complicated. For less complex disputes this is your best choice.

SCC EXPRESS · Emerald Elegance
In a hurry? Get your dispute resolved within three weeks at a fixed price.

The sensations of world class arbitration

The faces behind the feet

The campaign consists of photos of all the SCC employees who have acted as models themselves, making the material personal and unique.


Discover the unique perfume Sccent, made by using AI-technology that has transformed the core of the brand SCC Arbitration Institute into a scent.


The components of the scent

AMBERY 35% · Timeless elegance    
Amber is one of the most classical accords in  perfumery, reflecting our ability to be contemporary,  yet proud of our long lasting history since 1917.  

WOODY 32% · Reliable  
Woody notes are rooted to the ground,  representing our reliability. It is also responsible  for the longevity of the fragrance - the signature of the scent will last for days.  

SPICY 22% · Progressive & curious   
Spices such as Cardamom, Pink Pepper and  Black Pepper bring a vibrant hook to the fragrance.  These top notes reflects our innovative side that  keeps us ahead of our competitors.  

Floral, Green & Musk.