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Book Launch: Elevating Arbitration Practices in Sweden

A landmark publication in Swedish, "Högkvalitativa skiljeförfaranden i Sverige" (in English: High-Quality Arbitration in Sweden), has been released, marking a significant milestone for Swedish commercial arbitration. Spearheaded by Kristoffer Löf, President of the Swedish Arbitration Association (SAA), this book aims to document and share the successful practices that have positioned Sweden as a leading arbitration hub.

Published 2024-06-25

Book release

Documenting Sweden's Arbitration
The project originated from the recognition of a gap in comprehensive documentation of Sweden's arbitration practices. By bringing together many of the country’s foremost arbitration practitioners, the SAA has aimed to identify and disseminate methods that promote efficiency while maintaining the highest standards of due process and correct outcomes. The result is a compilation of five detailed reports, providing a resource for both current and future arbitration practitioners.

"There's a lot going on in the industry, and I'm especially excited about the Swedish Arbitration Association's (SAA) upcoming release of five reports on the Swedish arbitration process. It's been a two-year effort involving top Swedish arbitration experts. The launch is set for June at the SAA's annual meeting. These reports promise valuable insights for both counsel and arbitrators." 
Robin Oldenstam, Chairperson SCC

SCC contributions
The book's foreword is written by SCC Secretary General Caroline Falconer, while Evelina Wahlström, the SCC's Head of Quality, has contributed to one of its chapters. The SCC Arbitration Institute has played an instrumental role in Swedish arbitration for over a century, offering services that facilitate efficient dispute resolution and maintaining a high standard of arbitration practices. The SCC is renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation in arbitration, which has helped solidify Sweden's reputation as a premier arbitration venue. It went without saying that the SCC would be deeply involved in this project. 

High expectations
The book's primary goal is to support and improve Swedish arbitrations by providing tools and solutions that achieve a balance between efficiency and thoroughness. Effective arbitration is not merely about speed but about ensuring a comprehensive and fair process. The Swedish Arbitration Act's allowance for streamlined procedures needs to be balanced with sufficient opportunities for parties to present their cases. 

Expectations for the book are high. It should significantly bolster Swedish arbitration and assist users in tailoring their proceedings. If the insights from the reports lead to increased trust in arbitration from Swedish and international businesses, the project will have achieved its purpose. By implementing these practices, the book aims to make Sweden an even more attractive seat for arbitration, thereby benefiting the entire business community with reliable and cost-effective dispute resolution mechanisms. 

Setting New Benchmarks in Arbitration
The most significant contribution of this project is its potential to set a new benchmark for arbitration practices in Sweden. By consolidating the expertise of leading practitioners, the book addresses common challenges and proposes practical solutions, enhancing the predictability and efficiency of arbitration processes. 

In conclusion, "Högkvalitativa skiljeförfaranden i Sverige" is expected to be a pivotal resource for anyone involved in arbitration, marking a new chapter in Sweden's proud tradition of effective dispute resolution. The SCC's involvement and ongoing dedication to quality underscore the country's leadership in this field, promising a future where Swedish arbitration continues to thrive and set global standards.

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