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A call for Greener Arbitrations

In the fast-paced world of arbitration, where disputes are resolved and decisions are made, there's a growing call for a greener approach. Madeleine Thörn, Deputy Secretary General at the SCC, has recently joined the Institutions Task Force of the Campaign for Greener Arbitrations, (CGA) to champion sustainability in an arena where it's often overlooked. 

Published 2024-05-31

Greener Arbitration

The Campaign for Greener Arbitrations is a pioneering initiative dedicated to promoting sustainability within the arbitration sphere, led by industry leaders striving to implement eco-conscious practices and reduce environmental impact. 

As a member of the Institutions Task Force of the CGA Madeleine Thörn states “I hope to achieve an increased focus on technology to replace materials and processes that are not environmentally friendly. For example, the SCC has published a report on green technology disputes, and I am convinced that green technology has an important role to play in reducing the negative effects of climate change and facilitating the transition to a low-carbon economy." 

"I am privileged to work together with the excellent team of co-chairs Karen Tan and Kiran Sanghera, and the members Laura Aguilera, Jamie Harrison, Funmi Iyayi, Patricia S. Kobayashi, Ana Lombardia, and Akash Srivastava. Together, we are raising awareness among institutions of the practical steps they can take to minimise their environmental impact," says Madeleine Thörn. 

Arbitration's Role in Global Transition and Sustainable Development 

Arbitration is an internationally recognised method of resolving disputes. Last year, the SCC saw parties from 42 different countries and arbitrators from 27 countries. As such, arbitration plays an important role in promoting global transition and sustainable development around the world. 

"At SCC, we're dedicated to eco-friendly dispute resolution. To mention a few things, we've signed the Green Pledge, implemented the Green Protocols, and we offset our air travel emissions. We've also moved to a LEED Platinum certified Green Building," Madeleine Thörn says. 

"As the Head of Operations at the SCC Arbitration Institute, I personally believe that these efforts are critical for us to fulfil our mission to be at the forefront of change and to meet the growing needs of the business community," Madeleine Thörn adds. 

Here's how you can reduce your carbon footprint 

There are three practical steps to take to contribute to sustainable change in arbitration: 

  1.  Sign The Green Pledge 

  2. Adopt a Green Protocol

  3. Commit to a Green Action

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