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SCC Arbitration Institute in 2023: Celebrating milestones and shaping the future

There are so many moments and successes to cherish from this year. But sadly, also dark hours will come to mind as we look back on 2023. 

Published 2023-12-29

Caroline SCC Arbitration Week

An even deeper appreciation for the values of the arbitration community  

2023 was Caroline Falconer's first year as Secretary General, and her appreciation for the arbitration community has grown even deeper from seeing the value arbitration and SCC Arbitration Institute provide by offering a neutral, independent, and impartial venue for dispute resolution. 

Highlights of 2023: From SCC Express triumphs to groundbreaking insights into construction disputes  

In 2023, the SCC had the pleasure of administering our first-ever SCC Express case – and delivered a resolution in less than three weeks. We also launched the SCC Express model clauses. We hope you have seen them!

We took a deep dive into construction disputes and released a report comparing two commonly used methods to resolve construction disputes.

Our updated rules were launched during 2023, along with several different language versions of them. Many more translations are in the pipeline. 

All the experts in our SCC Spotlight Talks series have taught us so much on topics ranging from disputes in the renewables sector to employment disputes and procedural order no. 1. Thank you!  

The SCC's role in the international arbitration landscape continues to grow 

And just as in 2022, when we, for the first time ever, appointed a majority of female arbitrators, we continue to strive for equality in the dispute resolution field. And thanks to our diploma course for international arbitrators, there are now even more qualified international arbitrators with great knowledge of arbitration in Sweden. 
Finally, during SCC's Arbitration Week in October, we were overwhelmed to see so many great lawyers gathered under the SCC roofs, in Nationalmuseum, online, and at the SCC premises. 

And with that - we would like to express our gratitude for your continued support, in real life and on LinkedIn and wish you a happy new 2024! 

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