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SCC strengthens international collaboration for enhanced dispute resolution globally

SCC Arbitration Institute has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with the Silicon Valley Arbitration & Mediation Center (SVAMC). This partnership signifies another milestone in our commitment to promoting effective methods for resolving disputes and providing our users with an even broader and more innovative set of tools and resources. 

Published 2024-02-28


Knowledge exchange in technical dispute resolution 

SVAMC is a well-established organization based in Silicon Valley, the epicenter of technology and innovation, which has established itself as a leading authority in dispute resolution within the technology and innovation sectors. SVAMC promotes efficient technology dispute resolution, including advancing the use of arbitration and mediation in technology and technology-related business disputes in Silicon Valley, and around the world. Through the collaboration, SCC Arbitration Institute will benefit from SVAMC's extensive expertise and experience in these areas. 

SVAMC looks forward to its peer partnership with the renowned SCC Arbitration Institute. We envision opportunities with SCC for advancing the reach and effectiveness of arbitration and mediation within the international technology sector

Jonathan Fitch, CEO of SVAMC. 

Enhanced dispute resolution 

The strategic partnership between the SCC and SVAMC aims to promote knowledge exchange, develop best practices, and foster the use of effective and innovative dispute resolution methods globally.  

At the SCC, we are optimistic about the potential this partnership holds, as it presents a valuable opportunity for mutual learning and growth. In a world where collaboration is key to progress, we firmly believe that fostering more partnerships like this is essential for the evolution of the business societies

Caroline Falconer, SCC Secretary General. 

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